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The blessed lineage of the Prophet (saw)

We have sent among you a Messenger of your own………..  2,151

It is related from Sayyidina Ali (karamullah waj ho) that the Words of Allah (swt) ‘from among yourselves’ also interpreted as 'of your own'  mean ‘……by lineage, relationship by marriage and descent. There was no fornicator among the forefathers from the time of Sayyidina Adam (As). All of them were properly married’ (Ash-Shifa of Qadi Iyad).  

The lineage of no Prophet or any other human being can be traced or has ever been preserved therefore this was a miracle bestowed upon Rasulallah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi Wasallam) that his lineage was guarded by the Al-Mighty.  This is due to the tradition that there is no fornicator amongst the ancestors of Rasulallah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi Wasallam) from Hasrat Adam (As) upto Abdullah bin Mutalib.

(Ibn al-Kalbi said ‘I wrote down five hundred female ancestors of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and I did not find any fornication among them nor any of the evils which were prevalent in the Jahiliyya period.)


BINSon in Arabic 

Blessed Prophets (Peace upon them all) highlighted in RED. 

MUHAMMAD (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi Wasallam)

BIN Abdullah,
BIN  Abd ul Muttalib (also called Shaiba),
BIN Hashim (also called Amr),
BIN Abd Manaf (also called Al-Mugheera),
BIN Qasai (also called Zaid),
BIN Kilab,
BIN Murrah,
BIN Ka'b,
BIN Lu'ayy,
BIN Ghalib,
BIN Fahr (also called Quraish and his tribe was called after him),
BIN Malik,
BIN An-Nadr (also called Qais),
BIN Kinanah,
BIN Khuzayma,
BIN Mudrikah, (who was called Amir)
BIN Elias,
BIN Mudar,
BIN Nizar,
BIN Ma'aad,
BIN Adnan,
BIN Udd,
BIN Humaisi,
BIN Salaman,
BIN Aws,
BIN Buz,
BIN Qamwal,
BIN Obai,
BIN ‘Awwam,
BIN Nashid,
BIN Haza,
BIN Bildas,
BIN Yadlaf,
BIN Tabikh,
BIN Jahim,
BIN Nahish,
BIN Makhi,
BIN Aid,
BIN ‘Abqar,
BIN ‘Ubaid,
BIN Ad-Da’a,
BIN Hamdan,
BIN Sanbir,
BIN Yathrabi,
BIN Yahzin,
BIN Yalhan,
BIN Ar’awi,
BIN Aid,
BIN Deshan,
BIN Aisar,
BIN Afnad,
BIN Aiham,
BIN Muksar,
BIN Nahith,
BIN Zarih,
BIN Sami,
BIN Mazzi,
BIN ‘Awda,
BIN Aram,
BIN Qaidar,
BIN Sayyidina Ismael (As),
BIN Sayyidina Ibrahim (As),
BIN Azar, (also known as (Tarih)
BIN Nahur,
BIN Saru,
BIN Ra’u,
BIN Falikh,
BIN Abir,
BIN Shalikh,
BIN Arfakhshad,
BIN Sam,
BIN Sayyidina Nuh (As),
BIN Lamikh,
BIN Mutwashlack,
BIN Sayyidina Idris (As), (known as Akhnukh),
BIN Yarid,
BIN Mahla’il,
BIN Qainan,
BIN Anusha,
BIN Shith,
BIN Sayyidina Adam (AS)  

Rasulallah’s (salla lahu alayhi Wasallam) mother is Amina, bint Wahb. 

References: Ibn Hashim / Talqeeh Fuhoom Ahl Al-Athar / Rahmat-ul-lil-alameen / Khulasat As-Siyar)